About the Centaurus Festival

The Centaurus Festival is an annual 3-day online convention to celebrate mythic and folkloric identities. This gathering is held on Discord on the first weekend in March, and offers a full schedule of events for attendees to go (no pun intended) wild over.

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Charity Spotlight: The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is an American nonprofit organization that provides crisis support services and resources to young LGBTQ individuals. It has done invaluable work for advocacy and education on LGBTQ rights and mental health in the face of a rising tide of homophobic and transphobic sentiment within the United States, and is this year's chosen charity to fundraise for.

The Trevor Project

Convention Committee

The Sol System

We're an adult draconic nonhuman system who prefers they/them pronouns. We've been a part of alterhuman spaces since 2014 and have published the TTRPG  A Man in Wolf's Clothing  and the online webcomic  Shenani-kins . You can find us on Tumblr, Twitter, and Dreamwidth.


Dove is an ordained pagan priestess, retired activism organizer, and editor at an otherkin owned publishing studio. She has been a part of the otherkin/therian community since 2005.

House of Chimeras

We are the House of Chimeras. We are a large mixed-origin multiple system of nonhumans. Most of us are animals whether that be of the real-life, mythical, or fictional variety. We have been aware of the community since 2003 and have spent much of free time collecting materials referencing alterhumans or writing related to alterhumanity.

Orion Scribner

Orion Scribner has been in the therianthrope, otherkin, and alterhuman communities for two decades, about which they wrote the comic Theri There and the community history book Otherkin Timeline, cited in academic publications.


S'up we're Nova and we are actually a whole flight of dragons masquerading as a person. We also identify as othervague and have a collective hydra linktype. In our free time, we love to doodle, play video games, cook and go for walks. Don't be afraid to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you have--we don't bite!


Hey y'all, I'm Daski, host of the River System, a gaggle of 15 mostly nonhumans. I am a river deity that takes the shape of a cobra, and an indoraptor fictherian. You'll mostly find me hanging out on tumblr or discord, or ingame on ARK: Survival Evolved. Feel free to ask me any questions! :3


Jasper (he/him) is an Android, Alolan Marowak fictherian, hellhound theriomythic, and is soulbonded to Guzma from Pokemon Sun/Moon. He's been around the nonhuman communities since May of 2016, and has been a host on the Othercon 2021 Panel Navigating The Otherkin Community With Two Robots. He's a full time theatre Technical Director and technician, as well as an event organizer in adjacent queer and furry communities.

Pale Greenwood

Hi! I'm Pale Greenwood, he/him, host of the Skyrose Garden system, poly-fictionkind, otherhearted, and therian. Other Garden members include three fish and two dragons. We're primarily an author and programmer, as well as a furry, motorcyclist, and graphic designer. We have a penchant for writing fanfiction and data archival, and we're here if you have any questions: we'll do our best! :)