The Centaurus Festival staff team is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for its attendees. Because of this, we have a code of conduct that all con-goers are required to follow to ensure that everyone can have a fun time through the duration of the convention and its events.

Code of Conduct

In order to foster an open and friendly environment for all con-goers, the Centaurus Festival is dedicated to providing a safe, harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual and romantic orientation, race, religion, and system origin. We prioritize the safety and comfort of marginalized members of the community. Hate speech and discrimination towards other attendees is forbidden and we will not tolerate harassment of convention participants in any form. 

We reserve the right to permanently ban individuals who engage in hateful or harmful behavior or beliefs, or who are found to be involved with hateful or dangerous groups, from convention spaces. Self-described zoophiles and members of the Zeta or ζ community are not welcome to attend the Centaurus Festival.

Interact with your fellow convention attendees respectfully. Respect others’ beliefs, identities, and opinions, and conduct yourselves in a mature and responsible way. Trolling, insults, derogatory comments, nonconsensual grilling, and personal attacks are examples of unacceptable behaviors within convention spaces.

Sexual language and violent language or threats aimed at attendees will not be tolerated. Do not use suggestive, unwelcome, or inappropriate nicknames or terms towards others. This includes jokes and innuendos, both in written and drawn form (ex. reaction images). Be aware of how your actions affect others: if how you are interacting with someone makes them uncomfortable and they ask you to stop, then stop what you are doing. 

Engage in appropriate content management practices. Adult content is only permitted in the 18+ section of the server, which you must be physically 18 or older to access. Per Discord’s community guidelines, the Centaurus Festival does not allow real nor fictional images of child abuse, children in sexual situations, suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders in any channels. Real images depicting gore, excessive violence, or animal harm are also forbidden from all channels. If you’re uncertain whether something is appropriate, feel free to DM a member of our staff. 

Graphic or upsetting content must be kept in appropriate areas. Please use spoilers and appropriate content warnings. Text on discord can be put behind a spoilered by putting two vertical bars on either side of it, like || this ||.

Don’t disrupt the convention or its events. Unless you are the individual or group running the panel, please keep microphones muted during spoken panels until you are invited to speak. If you are invited to speak, be considerate: do not speak over the presenter(s), and re-mute yourself after you are done talking. If a presenter requests that you step down from speaking, do so. 

Stay on-topic in convention channels and events. Do not spam unrelated commentary or images and do not abuse Discord’s user pinging or direct messaging systems. Repeated disruptive behavior will result in a disciplinary action.

Conflict Resolution
Conflict may occur between attendees during the course of the convention. While disagreement and debate can be constructive, it is never okay to be disrespectful or to engage in behavior that violates this convention’s code of conduct when in discussions. You can ping a staff member to step in and mediate if you feel that an argument is escalating beyond what is comfortable or respectful.
In cases when attendees have outside disputes with one another, we ask that you please be respectful during the course of the convention. If you cannot engage civilly, then utilize Discord’s block function and give one another space. If you disrupt the convention, you will be asked to leave.

This code of conduct applies equally to all participants of the Centaurus Festival. If you believe that someone is in violation of our code of conduct, please contact a member of the staff team. All complaints will be reviewed promptly and investigated fairly. Staff members will recuse themselves from handling any report if they have a conflict of interest, so as to avoid any bias and maintain accountability.

Violations of this code of conduct may result in a warning, a mute, temporary expulsion, or permanent expulsion from the Centaurus Festival depending on severity and amount of prior offenses.

Media Policy

Some panels at the Centaurus Festival may have their contents recorded for outside viewing after the convention ends, to be publicly posted on the convention’s YouTube and elsewhere. This is up to panelist discretion, but it will be explicitly noted when panels are being recorded for attendees’ knowledge beforehand. Attendees who attend recorded panels may have what they post, say, or do end up in recordings.If you do not consent to being recorded, do not attend recorded panels.